Paul Busby

Strategic Advisor

Paul Busby is a 25-year Prime Brokerage executive who turned his passion towards Fin-tech. He is currently a c-suite executive at Prove who are leaders in consumer digital authentication and was most recently CEO of ENSO Financial Analytics (CME Group), a SaaS based technology company focused on the alternative asset management industry. Pioneering treasury and counterparty analytics to the world's largest hedge fund managers and global investment banks. Mr. Busby is a Strategic Advisor for EAC.

Prior to ENSO, Paul worked at HSBC as Managing Director and head of HSBC's Prime Finance business in the America's. Previous to HSBC, Paul worked at Deutsche Bank as Managing Director for 18 years in various locations - London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, and New York.

He has an extensive background in the alternative asset management industry, with notable experience in Prime Brokerage, Portfolio Financing trading, collateral management, and sales.

Portrait of Paul Busby

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